In Vitro Pharmacology

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In Vitro Pharmacology
Our in vitro pharmacology profiling services include generating stable cell line, developing assay, screening compounds with the developed assay, determining compound profiling using 96 well or 384 well plate and binding affinity and kinetics with SPR for small compound and antibody.
● Stable cell line generation
● Assay Development
  ■ Targets types: 
    ◆ GPCR, transporters, ion channels
    ◆ Kinases
    ◆ Epigenetics targets
    ◆ Other Enzymes: (PDEs, ATPase, protease)        
    ◆ Nuclear receptors
    ◆ Immune oncology targets
  ■ Assay types:
    ◆ Cell-based functional assays
    ◆  Biochemical assays
    ◆ Binding assay
  ■ Detection formats
    ◆ FRET, FP, FACS, ELISA, LCMS         
    ◆ Luminescence
    ◆ Biophysical binding assay
● Compound profiling: 
    ◆ 96well or 384 well format
    ◆ 75 in-house developed human GPCR stable cell lines & ~250 human cancer cell lines for panel screening service
● SPR analysis for small molecules and antibodies
    ◆ Biacore™ T200 & Biacore™ S200
    ◆ Sensor chips: SA, Series S; Biotin CAPture Kit; CM5
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